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Sue Tamani

Both Tony and John have had abnormal success and speak from experience at being successful over many years.

Other advice you can get is from people who have failed and learned from that experience.

They both love leverage, and they get that by helping you and me get results.

There are more entertaining things on YouTube but here is where you'll learn lots.

John is "allergic to bullshit!"

As Tony says, please just shoot it to me straight.

Nobody wants to walk around being wrong or in an allusion, suffering from wrong advice and training.

Tonight, Tony and John invited people on their list to drive the content tonight by asking questions.

This discussion will help you in whatever home business you are in.

Question: How would you explain to a Newbie how their passion can make them money online?

John dissected the question very well, describing a Newbie as something we all were at one stage, full of excitement and passion for this new career. Especially online career if they haven't been online much before.

We need to identify our passions. Everyone has different passions. John described some of his passions - self development and psychology, motorbikes, politics, music.

He talks about a video he made when he first came into EN - Revelation - which brought in twelve sales and he was immediately in profit. (I think he emailed his list to achieve that).

He was excited at finding Empower Network and it shows in the video. His market at that time,18 months ago, was mainly people he knew offline cos he had their email addresses. So this video he made was a 'bridge' into his business, a video where he revealed his excitement at joining EN. 

You can google John Lavenia and Revelation to find that video. It is not at all hypy, a very measured analysis of what Empower is, but beneath it you can feel John's passion.

My thoughts on this would be how we can blog about our passions and get lots of views on our posts which have EN banners beside each one.

They both pointed out that we need passion to make us motivated each day to get out and produce.

Question: How does it work for students?

There is no difference. It works for anyone, high school student, college student. Most people start off part time in home business, whether they are working or studying.

Question: What should I do if somone wants my financial details over the phone?

Tony said to run like hell the other way! The way EN pays us is via a PayPal-like online bank called E-Wallet. The money is then transferred directly to our bank online. So you have to put in some bank information but that is just to enable transfers in. No money can be taken out.

We pay for products the same way, via Credit or Debit card online. But we don't hand that information to a stranger over the phone, we are dealing with large financial institutions who are set up to respond to customer requests. EN for example is delivering over $1,000,000 a month in product sales after only 2 years.

Scams a actually quite easy to spot. People should not be afraid of them, just educate yourself and learn to distinguish between scams or pyramid schemes and legitimate online businesses.

Question: In the beginning, when you were starting and in the grinding phase, did you have to learn to accept your own personal image first before going on. Would you say that personal image and how you value yourself was pivotal in the leaps forward to making videos for, say, lead capture pages?

John's answer is YES and still working on it. When you look at successful people, they are all still working on themselves, none of them have "arrived". We all have issues that could increase or diminish our certainty and our confidence.




Tee Inspector,

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What are they doing to achieve these massive results?

The Reverse Engineering Technique.

They are researching and finding the most successful t-shirt campaigns and then creating alternate versions, and getting ideas for new versions.

Well, it used to be a lot of work.

Until now.

Tee Inspector just launched and it gives you access to software that will find the hottest selling campaigns to model after.

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If you don't mind spending a little extra, then take the time to review the videos and content on the page.

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The bottom line is that if you are planning on ever selling t-shirts on Facebook, this software can be a huge time saver, as well as a great resource to get ideas...

~Sue Tamani


3 Ways to Succeed on Social Media

Gary Vaynerchuk calls himself a Media Company.

He is a hustler of hustlers and loves it.

In this video, Alison Fass from Inc Magazine interviews Gary who has declared he will do 365 interviews this year.

Gary is one of those people who have so much learned information about social media and how to use it for marketing. In discussion, he lets gems drop almost as an afterthought.

Although this video is titled 3 Ways to Succeed on Social Media, only two are listed obviously in his answer.

  • Reverse engineer the result you want. I think this is another way of saying, look at what you are producing from the standpoint of the consumer. Gary says that Q and A is the biggest thing going on at present. And that Twitter search www.twitter.com/search is the greatest, most interesting place to connect. But he warns, LISTEN mostly, and then engage, offering help, content etc. His jab, jab, jab, right hook strategy.
  • He gives big raps to Facebook and Pinterest if you are selling something directly.
  • Become practical and realise that what you are selling is somewhere between 'saving the world' good and useless. Know your product.

This video is published on the Inc Magazine site and leads on to a series of other videos made from the same interview. 

If you are an entrepreneur, this series is full of great advice and tips, hidden amongst Gary's refreshing honesty and go-getter style. I think you will get many more than 3 ways to succeed on social media from this series.

~Sue Tamani

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Michelangelo Lopez just posted this long status on Facebook. 

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Watch every friggen' video that David Wood Makes and releases Until you have his NLP Sales techniques down to a Science... [There's NOBODY on this planet better than him]... well maybe his brother William Wood who I pay to learn NLP.
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Promote your own REAL Inspiring Educational Coaching Program [ONLY when you're ready]
Do Live 'Here's How it is Done' Weekly webinars
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Create Your Own Traffic and STOP being dependent on 3rd party sources...
Invest in LIST BUILDING...
Do Your Own Videos Even if you're Butt Ugly...
Don't Be Afraid to spend money on your business...
Surround yourself with EXCELLENT Mentors...
Stop trying to make as much money as possible while on the 'world's beaches'... [You don't know how to swim anyway]
Work Your Ass Off at least for a good while...
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